Is there a minimum amount required to open a CDS Account or an On-Line Trading Account?

A LKR 100,000 in cash or 250,000 worth shares are required to open an account

How do I transfer an account into Capital Alliance Securities?

You will need to complete a Intra Account Transfer form (downloads) and return it to us with a copy of your most recent CDS statement showing the title of the Account, the Account number, and a securities list. A signed original account transfer form is required for each account being transferred to us as faxed copies are not accepted by the CDS

What about online security?

Capital Alliance Securities makes every effort to keep your account and personal information secure. Using updated security, technology and fraud prevention measures, we strive to provide a strong defense against electronic scams and fraud.

Will there be confidentiality of my transactions?

We guarantee our clients total confidentially in terms of their portfolios & transactions.

How much should I invest in the Stock Market?

We encourage our clients to invest approximately 10% of their savings initially and witness first hand the profit potential of the stock market before even contemplating further investment. A client however has the option of investing any amount (from zero upwards) depending on their investment interests.

How should I structure my portfolio of shares?

By investing a certain percentage ,we will advise you to structure your portfolio according to the below format :
Growth Stocks – Companies that are in high growth potential industry

High Dividend Yield Stocks - Companies that pay a High Rate of Dividend.

High Value Stable Stocks - Stocks such as Conglomerate or the Banking Sector stocks, which have high value, yet are stable and have high growth potential with foreign investing.

Low Value Shares - These are generally stocks that trade below (Rs.10/=) per share. These shares are good to speculate , as a small growth in share value in rupee terms will equate into a substantial growth in terms of percentage

Should I pay taxes on capital gains?

At present, you are not required to pay capital gains on share investments.